Demonstration and Future Production

Demonstration and Future Production

Generation-4 TCHP Demonstration Units (2020) 

Development of TCHP-4 has focused on technological innovation to drive down cost, increase overall performance, incorporate external equipment, and improve durability for extended field demonstration before the end of the year.

  • Deliver 10 demonstration units for extended lifecycle testing (durability) to demonstrate reduced cost and enhance performance (COP 1.8 at 8˚C, 1.6 at -25˚C) with variable load controls.
  • Improve COP and power density by eliminating external electrical energy consumption of the mechatronics when operating in ambient temperatures from -30˚C to +30˚C.
  • Improve thermal transfer and energy extraction with innovative burner design to demonstrate ultra-low emission (NOx & SOx) levels in line with indoor air quality standards.
  • Incorporate liquid desiccant to achieve further cooling energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Generation-4 TCHP™ Demonstration Unit
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Generation-5 TCHP
Initial Target Production Units (2021 / 2022) 

The next stages of development will include the integration 200 TCHP-5 units into active building environments. This will include focus on production level controls, auxiliary systems, user interface, and support procedures. In addition, burner development will allow the TCHP system to use other fuel sources, such as solar and bio-fuels, making it truly fuel agnostic and available for use in nearly any environment. In the future, ThermoLift plans to create a suite of products to directly address the needs of different sized buildings and applications.