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About Us

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ThermoLift started as a conversation between friends, Dr. Peter Hofbauer and Paul Schwartz. The two were meeting one day in early 2012 and discussing a game changing HVAC technology that could change the way buildings use energy. Hofbauer said that “it was a crying shame the technology isn’t being developed” and with that Paul stopped what he was doing and started to work out of his Long Island basement on a plan to bring the technology to market. Today, ThermoLift is based out of the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University, has 20 full time employees, and has raised nearly $12 million in funding, including grants from both the US Department of Energy and the New York State Research and Development Authority. The ThermoLift system is a natural gas driven air conditioner and heat pump that can replace building heating, cooling, and hot-water systems with a single appliance. This appliance is an advanced Vuilleumier Heat Pump (VHP) that can provide a 30-50% reduction in building heating and cooling energy consumption and costs, as well as associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


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